About TSKA

OUR Goal at Tora Shotokan Karate Association

The main Vision of Tora Shotokan all India is to become such a platform for the open minded individuals / team where they can learn traditional Japanese Shotokan Styles. We believe an individual's passion and urge to learn an Art like Karate is more important than getting affiliated to a particular karate style. TSKA is not only to practice Shotokan Karate but also to cultivate character through the Karate Road. For us, Karate is not just a physical activity we do a few hours a week, but a philosophy and attitude to life. Our goal is to apply the principles and values โ€‹โ€‹of Karate, physical and moral, in our daily lives. Our founder We invite applications for Dojos from any Club / District / State/ South and Middle East Asian Countries, practicing Karate Styles .our dojo, we become a family. We give and take Respect. The associated Dojos are strictly adviced to keep contact with us without any faults. To share the life of karate within us to others, who actually want to learn the art of Karate by becoming an International Center of Education teaching the traditional values of Karatedo. Training of the best skills in Kumite, and traditional Kata's, also welcome friendship from all over the world.

About Founder of shotokan


Gichin Funakoshi is widely considered as the father of modern day karate. He was born in 1868 in Okinawa. As a boy he studied karate under two masters, Master Itosu and Master Azato. In those days a master only took on a few students and the practice of the martial arts was still kept secret. When Funakoshi grew up he became a school teacher, training in karate all the while with both masters.
It was during this time, Okinawan karate emerged from its seclusion to become a legally sanctioned martial art. Funakoshi, knowing the huge benefits of the study of karate, introduced karate into the Okinawan public school system. In 1922, the Japanese Ministry of Education held a martial arts demonstration in Tokyo and Funakoshi was asked to introduce Okinawan karate to Japan. Funakoshi never returned to Okinawa. His demonstration made a powerful impression on the Japanese public; Funakoshi was soon besieged with requests to further demonstrate and teach his art.
Eventually Funakoshi had enough students to open the first karate dojo in Japan. The dojo was called 'Shotokan' ('Kan' means 'building', 'Shoto' means 'pine waves', which was Funakoshi's pen name)


Sensei Ramsheed is one of the famous shotokan practioner in India. He started his karate journey 1998and trained under Shihan Dr. K M Basha. International Shotokan karate academy. (6th DAN Black Belt ) He received his 1st Dan black belt from Shihan Dr KM Basha.
He moved to abroad and he continued his training under Shihan Abdul Aziz Adnan. Kyokushin karate and he back to India. He continued his training under Shihan Abdul Rasheed(7th Dan black belt) He got many awards and appreciation from The chief of WSKI. He received his carrier one of the best Award (WSKA. Global Award.)From Shihan Abdul Rasheed.
Shiha Abdul Rasheed suggested him to form a association and finally Sensei Ramsheed decided to form Tora Shotokan Karate Association (TSKA
He is also a Exicutive Member of WMAMA, and Funakoshi shotokan karate Association